You’re my sunflower ( Memoirs w/ Hokte )

Busy busy busy…. Just busy day today. I wasn’t able to see grandma today. Honestly some days she’s too cool. I had somethings to take care of so I stopped by at least say hi! When I was living in Norman, I would call her just about everyday it seemed like. Well anyways, grandma isContinue reading “You’re my sunflower ( Memoirs w/ Hokte )”

Growing up at Hokte’s… ( Memoirs w/ Hokte )

As I’ve presiouly said grandma has been in the same house for over 50 years. Grandma raised 5 girls in that house. I’m pretty sure all my 6 cousins and I have lived at grandmas. I know some of my native friends are laughing thinking you only have 6 cousins? Out of my grandma’s grandkids,Continue reading “Growing up at Hokte’s… ( Memoirs w/ Hokte )”

I Cry Sometimes About It….. (Memoirs w/ Hokte )

7/28/19 Today is a day, to give thanks. Today is a day to be happy. It’s a beautiful thing, to be Indigenous. I hope you gave thanks for you grandmother today. I sure am happy to see mine. Over the night I had time to think and pray. I thought about how beautiful our grandmothersContinue reading “I Cry Sometimes About It….. (Memoirs w/ Hokte )”