I’m going for a walk….


I have recently signed a team up for The Walk To End Alzheimer’s. This is an open invite to my fellow followers and readers to come join me! I have set a team goal of $1,000. Any donation is appreciated but mostly I would love the company at this walk. I have attached the link but also on my menu page you can go straight to the site for Team Hokte!


Other than that we had a wonderful day. It’s always good to keep grandma company and keep her busy. Tomorrow she has her senior lunch at the center. She might not always remember everyone’s name but everyone knows her’s. She gets upset with herself when she can’t remember. I told her, “Grandma in your 87 years, you’ve met so many people I wouldn’t expect you to remember everyone.” She laughs and carries on. A habit she has these days is loosing her “ears” (lol) her hearing aids. So when I get to her house in the morning I have to go through my checklist.

Did you take your medicine?

Where are your ears?

Do you know where your teeth are?

It sometimes funny but seems like everyday she’ll forget one of those things It can get tiring trying to find these items. She doesn’t mean to lose them so I don’t get onto her. The hardest struggle she’s having right now, is that she still thinks she can cook. I usually leave the house when my mother gets home. Today I waited and watched what grandma was trying to cook. I keep telling her she’s going to get me in trouble. She’s not suppose to cook. So the final rules are, I’ll have to unplug everything. That’s a hard concept but it needs to be done. She use to love cooking. Shoot growing up I thought she was the best cook, (of course lol).

Another habit I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned, she always wants to go to Walmart. The bank and Walmart are the two places she’ll ask you everyday to go to. So today when she was asking to go to Walmart, I told her to make a list. So she said ok and continued about her day. About an hour later she asked me to go to Walmart, I said ok, make a list. This went on a few times today.

After starting this blog I have learned a lot about dementia and Alzheimer’s. My grandmother is my world so I’m happy I’m here, for better or for worse. I have attached another blog that I started following. This article has helped in a different way. It is worth the read if you have the time!


It was a good day, and that’s all I have to say about that.

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My name is Jessica Arkeketa. I am a member of the Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Oklahoma. I currently reside in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. I’ve always had a passion for writing but never made an effort to make my writing public. Also this is a helpful resource to help me cope with my aging grandmother.

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