You’re my sunflower ( Memoirs w/ Hokte )

Busy busy busy…. Just busy day today. I wasn’t able to see grandma today. Honestly some days she’s too cool. I had somethings to take care of so I stopped by at least say hi! When I was living in Norman, I would call her just about everyday it seemed like. Well anyways, grandma is having an eventful evening. My aunt is a film maker and has a new documentary she’s been working on. She recently showed the film to my grandma. Grandma requested that she show the film to her friends at the Tulsa Creek Indian Community. We just call it “the center”.

My grandma has been going out there for a number of years, probably as long as I’ve been alive. She’s well known there for her volunteer work. I would always ride with her out there growing up. She spent a lot of her time there and I’m happy she did. Some of my favorite memories are from out there. My aunt did as requested. They had a viewing of her film at “the center”. They had a good turn out about 30 people showed up. I know that made grandma happy. She really enjoys her activities and her friends. I’m so happy she’s still able to enjoy things like that.

I started to think about what other activities I should try with her. We’re already scheduled for BINGO on Friday. I’m super excited about that. (lol) Other than that I told grandma that she needed to get out the house even its for 10 minutes. I told her “you’re my sunflower, I gotta make sure you’ve had enough sun and water.”

She laughed but I ended up looking up some fun activities for people with dementia. I’m looking forward to trying some of these out with her and I’ll be sure to update you guys. I know she loves to read so I brought her a nice amount of books over Native American History and what not. Other that I have attached a link with some fun activities to try.

Here’s another link as well that has some activities

Here’s another day to give thanks…. I hope any of you going through something similar makes the most of the time you have left.

Published by JustJess

My name is Jessica Arkeketa. I am a member of the Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Oklahoma. I currently reside in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. I’ve always had a passion for writing but never made an effort to make my writing public. Also this is a helpful resource to help me cope with my aging grandmother.

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