Growing up at Hokte’s… ( Memoirs w/ Hokte )

As I’ve presiouly said grandma has been in the same house for over 50 years. Grandma raised 5 girls in that house. I’m pretty sure all my 6 cousins and I have lived at grandmas. I know some of my native friends are laughing thinking you only have 6 cousins? Out of my grandma’s grandkids, yes there is only 7 of us. I’m happy, I’m the baby out of all of us.

My mother and I moved back to grandma’s around 2000. I spent most of my childhood at my grandma’s. My older cousin and I were laughing this weekend about how grandma would bathe us. Man she would scrub you real good, to the point it would hurt haha. That and she would barely fill the bathtub with water. Sometimes I miss how the house used to be before they upgraded it. Other than that my cousin and I laughed about growing up at grandmas.

My cousins got to spend more time with grandma and grandpa and that’s alright. We have nothing but good memories at grandma’s. I think some of my favorite years was elementary. In first grade I would always have spelling test on Wednesday and Friday. If you passed the Wednesday test you didn’t have to take the test Friday. Grandma and I would always go to Braum’s on Wednesday morning and go over my spelling words. That’s one of my favorite times. I know she was teaching me back then but little did she know I would cherish those times for the rest of my life. They have updated the Braum’s since then but I miss the way it used to look.

One day in first grade I got brave and cheated on a spelling test. Our whole lives our parents and grandparents try to teach us right from wrong. They can only teach us so much until we do things on our own. Well dang it, as soon as I got home from school. I went and told my grandmother what I did. We only live a mile from the school. Grandma packed me up so quick in the car. She drove down to the school and made me take her to my teacher. I had to confess to my teacher what I had done. Also grandma made me apologize because she always taught me better than that. I have a number of stories about life lessons and growing up at grandma’s but this one is my favorite. I still laugh to this day about how fast she packed up and made me confess to my teacher. (lol)

I try to look at the positive things in life. It can be hard when dealing with someone with Alzheimer’s. One thing you’ll notice is that natives have a sense of humor. So while looking at the positives I tease around. I told my mother “Hey, no matter what, I can tell grandma the same story everyday and she’ll never get tired of it. I can tell her the same joke everyday and she’s going to find it just as funny or funnier than the last time.

It’s hard to be positive sometimes. It can be very frustrating. Do understand that when someone has Alzheimer’s they get frustrated as well…. Positivity can have a huge impact, with that being said I have attached a link about how positive environments can have a effect on Alzheimer’s patients.

Another I have attached was how to adapt as a caregiver.

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My name is Jessica Arkeketa. I am a member of the Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Oklahoma. I currently reside in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. I’ve always had a passion for writing but never made an effort to make my writing public. Also this is a helpful resource to help me cope with my aging grandmother.

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